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Every time a new gadget come into my hands I ask myself: What can I do with this? Everything has been done for some reason, but sometimes you can think something smart to do with things that can make your life easier, or just because you like it and want to show off in front of your friends.

I love technology. With technology we can do things that people thought impossible a few years ago and even with normal things you can make technology. And it is for all people. With some programming knowledge you can just make something to send the photos that you made on holidays automatically to your friends, or if you have a Bluetooth dongle you can use a Wiimote to control your PC.

My second love is gaming. I started playing videogames since I was a kid and I have never stopped enjoying it. And after my studies in Amsterdam I like them even more. Games can make people to forget about their problems for a while, teach things to people or help people to recover from an illness. Games are a very powerful tool.

My last project was related to new technologies, specifically Smart TVs. I was responsible of the front-end app that will increase user engagement by using the combination of the smartphones and tablets with the smart TV in a way not seen before. Now I am working as a freelancer while I search for a company that wants me inside.