Defend the center

Making a game without any assets

2012, Nov– 2013 Jan

This was a small flash game created for "Procedural Gameplay" lessons, from the Game Design minor of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

The aim of this project was to create a game using no assets, everything inside the game had to be done in code. This mean that sounds and graphics are also done directly in code, so the game is not going to very beautiful but, on the other hand, I wanted to make something that was playable and that was meaningful. A game were the relations between the small things in the game will make the difference, creating a good experience for the players.

The game was developed using Action Script 3, and I need to use the next techniques:

  • Components
  • Particles
  • Steering behaviours
  • State Machines
  • Emergence / Adaptive
  • Audio

The player needs to protect the structure at the middle of the screen. Each action consume energy: the bomb is a quarter of the energy and build a tower is a half of energy. The destroyed enemies maybe spawn a pickup that increase the player energy.

If you want you can try the game in the link below, these are the controls:

  • Use the Arrow Keys to move the player.
  • Use the Space to throw a bomb
  • Use the Right Control to build a tower in an empty place that is not a path.

  • Just for testing, Enter fills a quarter of energy.

There are 8 rounds of enemies, try to defeat all of them, but I can tell you that this is not just a "one time game".

– Game theory, procedural gameplay, flash, flashdevelop