Escape from the factory

Learning game usability by making a game

2012, Nov– 2013 Jan

Escape from the factory is a game made for the “Game Usability” lessons for the Game Design minor of the “Hogeschool van Amsterdam”. It is only the first tree levels, developed by Alex Rodas and me, in one and a half month.

The aim of this project was to write the review of the game, and check if it was true from the usability point of view. If the controls were suitable or if the elements and game mechanics were introduced in a logic and intelligent way.

The game was developed by Alex Rodas and me. It only consist on the three first levels of the game, and it was completely made by the two of us (except the background sound). 3D models were made using Autodesk Maya and the game using Unity3D, with logic in C#.

It is possible to try the game under windows system, just download it from the links below and check here how to control the character:

  • Arrows to move the character.

  • Arrow up to jump.

  • Space to shoot (only when you find the rocket item).

You can also read the review of the game in the links below, so check it to know about the game.




– Game theory, game usability, Unity3D, Maya