Score goals and win matches in this iOS Game.

2015, Ene - Jul

GoalMates is an app made by a group of developers and designers (called Mates Software Solutions), which objective was to recreate a game they played in their childhood: scoring goals in a watch. To score, a player has to stop the chronometer at exactly zero centiseconds. If the chorine stops at 99 or 01, it will be penalty! The user choose even or odd, and if he guess correct, it’s a goal.

My role in this group is the iOS developer, focused in objective-C, and I also do a little design (but not my strength). We want both to take this game to mobile phones and make something that will be in app stores.

The app i available at Google Play and I hope it will be soon at the App Store.

For more information:

Apple Store

Google Play

And you can contact me!

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